What's the story behind Deadstar Publishing?

Deadstar was founded in 2010 by David Heyman, and shortly after that Kevin Davies and Danny J Weston came onboard to help flesh out the team by providing specialist skills. In 2011, after releasing three books and a graphic novel the decision was taken to become a limited company. At this point additional staff were required to keep pace with our workload so we welcomed Anna Fruen and Hannah Liddle to our ranks. In the newly organised company the team held the following positions:

Kevin Davies - Editor-in-Chief
Danny J Weston - Lead Artist
David Heyman - Marketing Director
Hannah Liddle - Junior Editor
Anna Fruen - Brand Promoter

We also have a few helpers from time to time.
Some are (mostly) fictional:

Doctor Deadstar - Evil Genius in Residence
Geoffrey - Henchman

In 2012 David decided to focus his attention elsewhere and stepped down from his position as Marketing Director; shortly afterwards for their own personal reasons Anna and Hannah also departed. This led to a period of reflection and reorganisation and our only notable release throughout 2012 was Not as Pointless as You Think by Lynda Nash.

Following several quiet months Kevin and Danny have regrouped and are now ready to move forward with broadened horizons. Watch out world, we're coming to get you - and our Doomsday Device just stopped ticking...