This section includes a range of how-to guides and other useful information. As they become available, press releases and other promotional material will also be added to this page. Click on images to open files.

Supplying us with comics

Supplying a comic to us

Not sure how to send us a comic, what we need from you, or how to size it? This guide will help.
Manuscript and book guide

Supplying a book to us

Books and manuscripts: What we need from you, and how.
Notes for advertisers

Advertising guide

Helping you get the best value with your advert: a guide to supplying us with files that work.
A visual guide to our comics layout

Comic template

A visual guide to our comic pages.
Order form to take into shops

A single order form

Take this into a shop and ask them to reserve an item for you.
Order form to take into shops

A4 page of order forms

Retailers can print these and give them to customers.

If you need help with a particular resource, or there's something you'd like to see on this page, email us and we'll ensure it gets added.