Art is a complex subject and plays many roles in our products - you might be a cover designer, a penciller, inker, or letterer. Each is needed in a different way.

To assess your skill and style it would be greatly beneficial for you to send us a selection of pieces showcasing your ability. Try to ensure that you cover a variety of different works (so a penciller, for example, might send close-ups, distance shots, changes in perspective, anatomy and full page samples).

While we do look at portfolios hosted on other sites if requested it is easier for us to have immediate access to an image, so prefer to be sent samples directly. We can open the majority of image file formats but .jpeg is preferred.

If you wish to pitch a project that has already been completed, check our general guidelines for the rest of the things we need. In cases like this we like to see three chapters or 28 pages of art (whichever is longer) to help us make a decision.

Artists who feel they need assistance from others to complete a project would do well to check our teams page.