2021 True Fan – Show Your Dedication To Indie Comics




We offered this last year to celebrate of hitting 10 years – which is no mean feat in the indie comics industry – and this year we’re doing it again: opening up a special opportunity for 10 people to help celebrate with the ultimate badge of honour: showing that you are a True Deadstar Fan.

What does this get you? In a nutshell… EVERYTHING. For the next ten years, anything we release, you’ll get it. So season 2 of 7 Shades… yours. The next volume of Age of Savagery… heading your way… the merch we’ve got planned for later this year… you’ll have it.

Not just that though, we’ll be including a copy of everything we’ve put out in the past 11 years*. That’s the Dexter’s Bundle, the Dolphin Squad Bundle, the 7 Shades Bundle, and much more! At a rough estimate, that’s around £400 of books, comics and merch already.

This will be a limited time offer available until Sunday 11th July – or until ten True Fans have revealed themselves, so get in quick!












* There are a few things we’ve released over the years for which we have lost the rights, or for which we no longer have stock so can’t supply. If we are able to produce more of these items in the future then you’ll receive them at that time instead.


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