Creatives Database

Over the past few years we’ve received a lot of emails asking us to bear them in mind for upcoming projects, or to pair them with others who need certain skillsets for projects. We used to keep a creatives database and match from there but over time this grew too unwieldy.

We wanted to make this resource available to all, so reached out to the creators and creatives in our list for permission to make their details public. This has had a benefit of reducing time spent matchmaking for us, while encouraging networking for creators and creative types.

The list is hosted by Google, but can be found embedded below. It is broken down into four sections: writers, artists, teams and professionals. Writers and artists are easy to explain: they write in some capacity, or they create artworks in some capacity. Teams are generally a whole creative package, while professionals include proofreaders, typesetters, and other services useful to creative endeavors.

Everybody on the list is there because we have had notification that they wish to be. If you believe your details are listed in error, or no longer wish to be listed, please email with the subject ‘Remove’ and your details and we will remove you as soon as we are able to do so.

If you would like to be added to this list please email with the subject ‘Add’ and your details and we will add you. Alternatively, use this form.

Please note this list is provided as is. Deadstar Publishing accepts no responsibility for unwanted contact or content and while we will endeavour to keep the list up to date we can make no guarantee to the trustworthiness of the information here.