We've done something very silly and broke the webstore when we tried to upgrade it. We're going to fix this... but in the meantime, this is our temporary shop. It features some of our most popular titles. More will be added over time.

Dexter's Half Dozen
In this WWII supernatural horror comic for mature readers, Dexter's Half Dozen are a British commando squad tasked with thwarting the plans of Oberstgruppenfuhrer Walpurgis, a liche intent on winning the war for his own purposes. Along the way they will encounter demons, zombies, wights, werewolves and all manner of deadly foes. Issues 1-9 are out now and issue 10 is coming soon.
£3 per issue.

Thackeray: Not Quite Dead
After the zombie apocalypse, Abel Thackeray works for the Sector of Biological Control as a researcher tasked with keeping the zombie menace contained. There's just one problem... Thackeray has a wound on his arm that won't heal, and a hunger that can't be satisfied. Amidst the chaos, Thackeray has a secret - can he keep it? Issues 1-4 available now.
£3.50 per issue.

New Wasteland Fairy Tales
The world as we know it is gone. Now, Becki - a 12 ft tall robot - and Nigel travel the wasteland. These are their adventures. Issues 1-3 are available already and issue 4 is in production.
£3.00 per issue.

Dolphin Squad: Heroes of the Sea
A fan favourite: Dolphin Squad must save the day when an evil genius attempts to use computer games to take over the world. This feature-length full-colour graphic novel includes the Dolphin's origins and a bonus section at the end.
£10 per copy.

Rising Stars: Volume 1
Compiled stories from an assortment of first time writers and artists including Kevin Enhart, Danny J Weston and David Powell. A mixture of horror, fantasy and sci-fi that has launched several careers.
£8 per copy.

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