Gwyllion issue 3 – eBook



Gwyllion is a non-profit, bi-annual genre fiction semiprozine which focuses on publishing science fiction, fantasy and horror from Wales. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Davies, is offering his skills and experience to Gwyllion as a consulting editor in order to help foster new talent and the next generation of creative storytellers. All proceeds from the sale of Gwyllion through the Deadstar Publishing site go to furthering that goal.

Issue 3 contains 11 stories and the ebook is available in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats.


In Search of the Dragon Chief – Matt Warner
Bleeding Through the Shadows – David Rees-Thomas
The Song of Slag – Louise Evans
Unearthed – Emmie Christie
the glaciers made her deep – Marisca Pichette
The Sink Goblin – Michael Pollentine
From Clay – Eris Young
Golden Thread – Anna May Morris
Yr Arswyd yn y Darlun – Peredur Glyn
TJ-824 – Charlie Brigden
The New Moon Gambit – Aiden Redwing

Cover image by Rosie Alexander
Interior illustrations by Myla Corvidae


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