7 Shades #1

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7 Shades is the brand new comic series from Pete Rogers and David Clifford. This is part 1 of a 4 issue mini-series.

This supernatural western follows the misadventures of Sammael Jehosephat Hicks, as he stumbles to find a way out from under the influence of his six outlaw half-brothers. The story is set within the godforsaken town of Seven Shades, which hides sinister secrets & unimaginable terrors. Nothing in the town seems to happen without the say so of Adixillo Sephera, the influential madame of the 7 Belle’s saloon and everything in Seven Shades seems inexplicably entwined with the destiny of our wayward hero.

In the first issue, Samm is tasked with saving his sickly sister Elsibeth – is he up to the task? Find out within!

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Dimensions 26.6 × 17.7 × .5 cm

4 reviews for 7 Shades #1

  1. The Awesome Comics Podcast

    “This is great, great fun. It’s a wonderfully sort of dark take on the western genre. One that I think is unusual in every aspect really, it’s not what you think it’s going to be. It’s gloriously over the top.” – excerpt from The Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 168

  2. Melody Pedley

    This comic is amazing! Seriously worth a look ❤️

  3. Kris Barry

    “Awesome, funny, everything I was looking for” – Kris Barry, The Comic Guru

  4. Gary Orchard (verified owner)

    Art this good hasn’t been seen regularly since Richard Corben was working for Metal Hurlant and Marvel’s Epic Illustrated.First rate mash-up of horror and wild west action with the most dysfunctional family this side of the Munsters. If Stephen King had written Deadwood, it would be something like this.

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