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7 Shades is a supernatural western comic series from creative team David Clifford and Peter Rogers. The first four issue mini-series was released in 2018.

The series follows the misadventures of Sammael Jehosephat Hicks, as he stumbles to find a way out from under the influence of his six outlaw half-brothers. The story is set within the godforsaken town of Seven Shades, which hides sinister secrets & unimaginable terrors. Nothing in the town seems to happen without the say so of Adixillo Sephera, the influential madame of the 7 Belle’s saloon and everything in Seven Shades seems inexplicably entwined with the destiny of our wayward hero.

In the first arc, we learn who Samm is, where he came from and how he became the man he is today. We’re introduced to the movers and power brokers within the town and start to see some of the darker forces at work.

The movers and shakers from the town of 7 Shades. Click to expand.
The movers and shakers from the town of 7 Shades. Click to expand.

In the finale to this 4 part miniseries, Samm finds his life taking an unexpected turn as he becomes the latest sheriff of 7 Shades. For most men, this would be hard enough – but when you have 6 murderous outlaw half-brothers to contend with the chances of Samm getting to enjoy his new position are even slimmer. The only way for him to move forward is to start bringing his brothers to justice – but does he have what it takes? Find out within!

This bundle contains all four printed issues and all four issues in PDF and EPUB formats to meet your ebook needs too. Bought individually all of this would come to £24 but thanks to the power of bundle deals you can get the lot for just £17 – a whopping 30% discount!

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2 reviews for 7 Shades Bundle

  1. The Awesome Comics Podcast

    “This is great, great fun. It’s a wonderfully sort of dark take on the western genre. One that I think is unusual in every aspect really, it’s not what you think it’s going to be. It’s gloriously over the top.” – excerpt from The Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 168

  2. Melody Pedley

    This comic is amazing! Seriously worth a look ❤️

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