Dexter’s Half Dozen #1 ebook

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The Stone Child – Part One

This is where it begins! The thrilling first issue of the cult action/horror sensation! December, 1941. Sergeant Freeman of the newly formed S.A.S. is seconded by Sir Dexter Kilby – Churchill’s occult adviser – to lead a ragtag band of criminals and misfits behind enemy lines in an ongoing war against Nazi occult forces.

Dexter’s Half Dozen is an ongoing series by writer Jamie Lambert and artist David Clifford. In 2014 it was nominated for Favourite British Black and White Comic at the Stan Lee True Believers Awards.

This ecomic is available in high resolution pdf and epub formats.

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    “The inks were beautiful, like the tentacled demon woman and the hanging, disemboweled woman. The images and placement of the subjects in the frame created an unforgettable image in my head.”

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