Dexter’s Half Dozen: The Stone Child – ebook



The mission is clear. Get in. Rescue the spy. Get out.

One winter night, a ragtag group of criminals and misfits is parachuted into wartime Germany. Their objective: an apparently inaccessible castle, headquarters of the Nazi’s secret occult division. Their mission: to rescue Britain’s top spy, who holds the secret to stopping an unimaginable terror that could change the course of the war.

This 100 page graphic novel is the deluxe remastered edition of The Stone Child storyline as seen in Dexter’s Half Dozen #1-3 by Jamie Lambert and David Clifford.

Every page has been lovingly polished with some pages being redrawn entirely to better tell the story within. The whole book has been re-lettered by Danny J. Weston (Dolphin Squad, Age of Savagery) according to a revised script from writer Jamie Lambert.

You can see the difference in the preview below:

This ebook is available in high quality pdf and epub formats.


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