Dolphin Squad II: A Death in the Pod eComic



In this followup to our best-selling Dolphin Squad: Heroes of the Sea graphic novel, the heroic dolphins Vinny, Fabian and Lazer-Eye return to solve not one, not two, but three baffling mysteries…

First there’s the question of missing technology from Megalopolis’ top secret L.A.B.S. Labs, second is disappearance of a Giant Panda from the Megalopolis zoo, and the final mystery is the inexplicable escape of a dangerous criminal from Flotsam Supermax Prison. How are these linked? What’s going on? Can the team stick together?! Find out in Dolphin Squad: A Death in the Pod!

This 72 page full colour, all action graphic novel written and illustrated by Danny J. Weston also includes the S.E.A.W.O.R.L.D. short “The Poseidon Misadventure” written by Mark Adams and Mark Warner, and illustrated by Dave Clifford.

This ecomic is are available in high resolution pdf and epub formats.


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