Rising Stars vol #1 ebook



Containing eight graphic stories from up and coming authors and artists, Rising Stars vol 1 is Deadstar Publishing’s first foray into the graphic novel market. Featuring medieval backstabbing, futuristic manhunts and crime-fighting dolphins, among other things this collection combines fantasy, horror and science-fiction in a way you’ve never seen it before!

This 80 page graphic novel contains:

Wasted Wishes by Ciaran Michael Henneghan with art by Waranghira

The Unmentionables: Failure is Always An Option by Jacob Ragnarr with art by Danny J. Weston

Lips by David Owain Hughes with art by Kevin Enhart

Hand, Rings and Things by Joshua Parrish

Accusations Amongst Thieves by Ciaran Michael Henneghan with art by Eryck Webb

Hoopergirl by Danny J. Weston

Dolphin Squad vs The Son of GODzilla by Danny J. Weston

Deadclaw’s Outlaws: Small Surprises by Ciaran Michael Henneghan with art by David Powell


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