Dolphin Squad: A Death in the Pod

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In this followup to our best-selling Dolphin Squad: Heroes of the Sea graphic novel, the heroic dolphins Vinny, Fabian and Lazer-Eye return to solve not one, not two, but three baffling mysteries…

First there’s the question of missing technology from Megalopolis’ top secret L.A.B.S. Labs, second is disappearance of a Giant Panda from the Megalopolis zoo, and the final mystery is the inexplicable escape of a dangerous criminal from Flotsam Supermax Prison. How are these linked? What’s going on? Can the team stick together?! Find out in Dolphin Squad: A Death in the Pod!

This 72 page full colour, all action graphic novel written and illustrated by Danny J. Weston also includes the S.E.A.W.O.R.L.D. short “The Poseidon Misadventure” written by Mark Adams and Mark Warner, and illustrated by Dave Clifford.


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Weight 375 g
Dimensions 28.7 × 21.9 × 1 cm

2 reviews for Dolphin Squad: A Death in the Pod

  1. Blaxkleric

    ‘This “all action” adventure provides plenty of simple guffaws and giggles up until Danny J. Weston’s narrative suddenly takes a surprising dive into thoughtful despair, and pens a genuinely sad scene involving the quite horrific demise of the Albino Avenger, Fabian.’

    ‘Adding to this graphic novel’s sense of hilarity is Danny’s rather unique-looking artwork, which appears somewhat reminiscent of the Nineties “Cartoon Network” animated cartoons “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Johnny Bravo”. Dynamically drawn, and astoundingly able to imbue even a motorbike riding beaver with an aura of utter evil, the British-born illustrator’s story-boards bring both boundless energy to his script, as well as a genuine sense of loss and utter helplessness’

  2. David – Synthetic Minds Press

    ‘Dolphin Squad II: A Death in the Pod continues to deliver everything you probably loved about the first one; classic Batman style puns and action, it’s easy to read and very well laid out and the art style (without going into too much critical depth) is ‘fun’.

    This is somewhat oversimplifying things though. Dolphin Squad is clearly very cleverly created to be a homage to the late golden age of DC / early silver age. Yet through the unique choice of characters Weston has managed to create something delightfully new while showing a high level of respect to his influences.’

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