7 Shades: Hell’s Belles



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After the explosive ending to the first season of 7 Shades we’d like to present the bridging one-shot Hell’s Belles. From creative team David Clifford and Peter Rogers, Hell’s Belles is a 48 page full-colour stand-alone tale set in the world of 7 Shades. Hiding from a bank robbery by notorious brigands the Kilpatrick Gang, many of the town’s residents take refuge in the 7 Belles Saloon. While there and waiting for Samm Hicks, local drunk turned Sheriff,  to save the day the Belles recount the origins of the infamous Adixillo Sephera, the influencial madam of the 7 Belles Saloon, as well as her helpers who between them pull many strings in the western town of 7 Shades.

As with the original miniseries, every page and panel in this book was hand painted giving the visuals a true sense of texture.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 26.6 × 17.7 × .5 cm


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