Thackeray: Not Quite Dead #2 ecomic



Meet Abel Thackeray, mild mannered researcher working for the Sector for Biohazard Containment; it’s 2013 and the zombie apocalypse has been and gone. What happened? We’ve spent so long watching George Romero films that when the dead did rise we were ready for them. Thackeray is part of the team that cleans up the last few undead stragglers. There’s just one problem, he has a wound on his arm that won’t heal and a constant hunger for flesh.

Now that General Birthshaw has taken over as head of the SBC, Thackeray knows his days are numbered. With the military involved his condition can’t stay hidden forever. He made it out of the office in one piece only to discover that the mysterious stranger who’s been following him for days wants to talk… but what about? Thackeray has a secret – can he keep it? Read issue 2 to see!

Thackeray: Not Quite Dead #2 is a 24 page full-colour ecomic and was created by Kris Wozencroft and Joanne Chung with cover by Adam Burn. This ecomic is available in high resolution pdf and epub formats.


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