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140 microfiction stories by Jaque Thay

Inspired by the likes of Hemmingway, and originally broadcast via the social media site from which the genre of Twictions took their name, this is a collection of 140 stories by a master of microfiction. Each and every tale within is exactly 140 characters long – but evoke ideas far larger.

Ebook available in pdf format.

4 reviews for Twictions vol 1 ebook

  1. Hannah Sullivan

    This book of innovative micro nanofiction will have you laughing, crying and wondering all the way from start to finish.

    The collection is ideal for people who want the excitement of futuristic horror, the anticipation of modern love and warfare and the feeling of sobriety that Thay’s accurate description of growing up delivers without the need to spend hours reading a novel length book.

    Perfect for the busy man or woman Thay’s Twictions gives us valuable insight into this modern world and terrifying thoughts of the future. A not-to-be-missed masterpiece.

  2. Ed Bemand

  3. Andréa

    They didn’t seem so much to be stand-alone stories as teasers or intros… each segment is bite-sized, for sure, but without the satisfaction of a true story.

  4. Anna

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