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The Kickstarter is over. Dolphin Squad: Origins is on the way!

Dolphin Squad: Origins is funded! Our first Kickstarter was a success!

Thank you to everybody who contributed, shared social media posts, or helped behind the scenes. You are all wonderful people and we are so grateful for your support.

Dolphin Squad: Origins cover reveal
Dolphin Squad: Origins cover

The book is nearly done with proofreading. We’ve picked up and corrected for a few errors and should finish that task in the next few days.

After that it’s a case of assembling the final file for our printers, waiting for funds to clear from Kickstarter, and giving the green light to start production. All being well, backers should get their copies before the end of September!

And then?

We’ve got several shows booked for Autumn. You can see where we’re going to be by checking this list.

So if you’ve missed the campaign, you’ll still be able to get the book from us at comic cons, signings and events in the future – plus it will be on our website once the book is officially released.

We have more planned for Dolphin Squad for next year… but right now we need to rest. Its been a busy 30 days! Thank you again for your support and we’ll get your rewards to you as soon as we are able.

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We’ve reached our goal!

Last night our Kickstarter for Dolphin Squad: Origins reached its fundraising goal!


We’re coming into the final week of the campaign and it’s now looking pretty certain that we can release Dolphin Squad: Origins in 2023 thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

There’s still plenty of time to get involved: the book itself is available for £4 as an ebook, £15 for a physical copy, or £17 for both. Previous items in the Dolphin Squad franchise are available as add-ons, but the best value for money is our Collector Bundle at £45. This includes the new book, as well as the first two graphic novels, our colouring book, plus three prints of your choice!

We’ve said in previous updates that our first stretch goal comes at £1500. When we reach that point, all backers with pledges for physical items will receive a free 58mm exclusive badge… and we’re now able to show off our design (we’ll finalise it after our printers confirm it meets specifications).

Right now we’re £424 away from being to include these… but you can bring us closer.

As well as the badge, we still have several more exciting goals to unlock. At £1500 we’ll include the badge and show you what can be had if we reach £2000, and so on!

We also have a retail tier: if you have a shop, or want to support your local stockist by buying from them, back the retail tier for a 50% wholesale discount and free postage within the UK for 10 copies.

You can help us by backing the project, and sharing the word for us. Here are two images you can send to friends!

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Dolphin Squad on Kickstarter!

After a lot of planning (and drawing) we’re finally ready for the Dolphin Squad: Origins Kickstarter!

Well… almost ready. We’re currently looking like this…

… as we go over the last bits for the campaign.

Where can we find it?

The Kickstarter is here and will run from July 9th to August 8th. If you want to share the link to friends (… or enemies!) then and are probably easier to remember than the project’s full url.

What is it?

This is the third graphic novel in our Dolphin Squad series by Danny J. Weston. Like the other two, it’s self-contained so you can jump straight into the story. Dolphin Squad: Origins tells the tale of how the squad formed and expands upon Fabian’s mysterious past, including some secrets that will impact the team’s future.

The book will be available in physical and digital editions, priced at £15 and £4 each.

Dolphin Squad: Origins cover reveal
Dolphin Squad: Origins cover reveal

We’ll need your help

The goal is to raise at least £1000 to go towards printing costs (we’re anticipating printing to be around £2500) and the project page is live now so you can register your interest before the campaign starts.

This is the first time we’ve run a Kickstarter (though we’ve backed several dozen from other creators over the years) so it’s a scary time figuring things out as we go.

We know that there’s a lot of interest in the Dolphins – they’ve been one of our most popular series since they first launched… but we don’t know how many of our fans will back the project. So we need your help: pre-registering your interest, and pledging when the campaign opens are both phenomenally useful to us because a lot of the way Kickstarter decides which projects to promote on their site is by how they perform in the first 48 hours. If we start poorly, it’ll be much harder to attract attention in the middle of the campaign – and if we don’t reach the goal by the end then we get nothing!

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Below are a few different images you can share with folks on social media sites. You’re welcome (encouraged, even!) to tag us @Deadstar.Publishing on Facebook, @DSPublishing on Twitter, @Deadstar_Publishing on Instagram and we’ll be keeping an eye out for folks using #fundfabian #dolphinsquadorigins and #dspubkickstarter

More will appear over the next few days… as we said… very busy right now!