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World Book Night giveaway results

Drumroll, please!

We’re happy to announce that the from those who entered on Twitter and Facebook, the following people have been randomly selected to receive copies of Iain M. Banks’ Player of Games as part of our World Book Night giveaway:

  • Andrew Henderson
  • Andy Frankham
  • Ed Bemand
  • Gavin Bell
  • Jon Evans
  • Kevin Enhart
  • Leanne Vaughan-Philipps
  • Marcus Staff
  • Robert Grayston
  • Ruaridh Dall
  • Ryan Wheeldon
  • Taryn Uni Cornis

We’ll contact those people directly over the next day or two to arrange postage. We’d like to say again that these books are intended for light or casual readers, so if you think you are more than that, we’d appreciate it if you could pass your copy onto someone less likely to be a regular reader.

Thank you all to everyone who took part, and watch this space for news of more giveaways and competitions in the future!

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World Book Night online giveaway update

You might have noticed we’ve been a little quiet about our World Book Night online giveaway over the past few days – we’ve been in discussion with representatives from the organisation after concerns were raised that we intended to give away the copies of Iain M. Banks’ Player of Games in a way that would not encourage new or casual readers to be more involved in the hobby.

This has come about from two directions – firstly, due to oversight on our part, we failed to mention in the original post about the giveaway that these books – as with all titles supplied by the World Book Night organisation – are intended for casual or non-readers.

The second issue is that some people felt that with us being a publishing house, the demographic breakdown of our followers meant that we were more likely to attract existing readers to participate in the giveaway than non-readers.

To attempt to mitigate these issues, we would like to say the following: as there are only a few hours left until the giveaway closes to entries, we do not expect there to be sufficient new entries in the time remaining to substantially alter the demographics of those we have reached thus far. As a result we believe that changing rules now will only confuse people and take attention away from what should be the focus of the night – celebrating reading in all forms, and encouraging people of all ages to participate in this.

At this stage, all we feel able to do is to reiterate that books supplied to us by the World Book Night organisation are intended not for regular readers, but for those who have less opportunity or inclination to read under normal circumstances. While we will not be changing the rules, we would implore anybody whose name is selected to receive a copy of Iain M. Banks’ book from us to pass the book onto a more deserving friend or relative if they feel that they are more than just a casual reader themselves.

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World Book Night Giveaway

We’ve mentioned on Facebook and Twitter over the past few months that we are official distributors for World Book Night 2012; a part of that involves giving away copies of Iain M. Banks’ Player of Games. How are we going to do it, you’re wondering? Simple: we’re going to use Facebook and Twitter.

The event opens at midday (GMT) today and closes at 5pm (GMT) on Monday 23rd April 2012. During the time it’s open you have two ways to enter.

On Facebook you will need to be a fan of us (Deadstar Publishing) then like and share our status announcing the giveaway. You’ll need to like and share from our status – we can’t track if you like and share a status written by someone else.

On Twitter you need to be following us (@DSPublishing) then retweet a post with the hashtag #DeadstarWBN or post a tweet mentioning us and that hashtag.

When the event ends we will tally up all the people who followed the rules and will randomly select from those 12 names. Each of those people will receive a copy of Player of Games. Exciting, right?

Now for the boring bit…

  1. Nobody working for Deadstar Publishing Ltd, or their immediate family is eligible to receive any book as a result of this giveaway.
  2. The giveaway is open from midday (GMT) Monday 16th April 2012 until 5pm (GMT) Monday 23rd April 2012.
  3. To be considered, people must follow the instructions for Facebook or Twitter as listed above.
  4. Results will be announced at 7pm (GMT) on this page. Details will also be circulated via the Deadstar Publishing Facebook page and the @DSPublishing Twitter account.
  5. Books will be posted to the randomly selected entrants within 7 days of receiving postal details.