7 Shades Season 2 #1



In 2018 we introduced Sammael Jehosephat Hicks and his ne’er do well brothers to the world with the first season of supernatural western 7 Shades. Now, we’re back for season 2!

Returning with 32 pages of full-colour Western action, artist David Clifford and Pete Rogers are ramping up the action. In this issue, there’s a newcomer in town: sinister Cousin Uriel is in league with the outlaw Hicks brothers, and Samm is going to have to make some tough choices. Meanwhile Elsie-beth is getting sicker. Can Samm protect the town, and save his sister? Find out in season 2 of 7 Shades!

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 26.6 × 17.7 × .5 cm


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